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Holy Quran Easy Search & Quotation   download_trans.gif Download 
A service to the Holy Quran that enables search for verses by word, part of word, group of words, root or stem and copying resulting verse(s) or a part of them with reference to the Sura and the number of the verse.
Note: The program is in Arabic language.

  Size:   2,185.75Kb
Type:   exe
 Juz 'Amma Player 1.0    download_trans.gif Download
Displays part 30 (Juz 'Amma) of The Noble Quran in Arabic Quranic text with english translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. The Arabic Quranic text is synchronized with the recitation performed by Syaikh Ali Abdurrahman Al-Hudaifi.   Size:   4,413.16Kb
Type:   exe

Qur'an Viewer    download_trans.gif Download

Multi-Language Qur'an Software. Full Arabic/English with Quranic Commentary, transliteration, index, glossary (over 500 words), and full search. Supports plug-in Qur'an Translations allowing translations into multiple languages. Qur'an verses can be compared in any installed language. Other languages that can be downloaded and installed include: French, German, Spanish, Malay, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Tamil, Hausa, Turkish, and Indonesian. Eight other English translations are also available. Now features, Computer Generated Mushaf pages of the original Sacred Arabic text, as well as an Advanced Manuscript Viewer.   Size:   4,997.51Kb
Type:   exe

Quran Auto Reciter 1.3    download_trans.gif Download

Quran Auto Reciter is used to listen to the Holy Quran automatically at a specific time. The software has Quran recitations from many reciters, Athan (Azan) from many countries, and Islamic lectures from various scholars. In addition, it has five prayer times that the user can set manually according to his Masjid. The user will listen automatic Athan (Azan) on every prayer time, 5 times a day.   Size:   5,569.19Kb
Type:   exe

Quran Tutor - Al Fatiha    download_trans.gif Download

This flash program teaches you how to recite Surah Al-Fatiha of the Quran. Each word is clickable so that users can learn the individual pronounciation of the word. Each verse can also be played individually.   Size:   1,200.29Kb
Type:   exe

Quran Tutor - Al Ikhlaas    download_trans.gif Download

This flash program teaches you how to recite Surah Al-Ikhlaas of the Quran. Each word is clickable so that users can learn the individual pronounciation of the word. Each verse can also be played individually.   Size:   1,105.28Kb
Type:   exe

Quran Tutor - An Naas    download_trans.gif Download

This flash program teaches you how to recite Surah Al-Kauthar of the Quran. Each word is clickable so that users can learn the individual pronounciation of the word. Each verse can also be played individually.   Size:   1,097.87Kb
Type:   exe

QuranTrans 2.0    download_trans.gif Download

QuranTrans is a collection of 3 translations (Yusuf Ali,Pickthal and Shakir) of the Holy Quran for Windows users. At the end of each verse, there is a link to the commentary of the verse, to be shown in a popup window. Other features include quick verse finding, topical index and easy navigation between translations.   Size:   2,714.66Kb
Type:   exe

QuranReciter 3.1    download_trans.gif Download

Complete Quran Recitation of Sa'd Al-Ghamdi
Two different modes, Range Mode (for reciting a set of verses) and Verse Mode (for reciting verse by verse)
Display of Arabic text and 3 different translation of the recited verse.(Picktal, Yusuf Ali and Shakir)
Word by Word meaning display for Amma Juz' (Sura 78 to 114)
Recitation can be configured to recite a set of verse any number of times for memorisation (Press Ctrl+R for recitation option)
Completely linked with the quran index available at .
Quick verse navigation : Press "S" followed by sura number and "V" followed by Verse number to Navigate to a particular verse

  Size:   11,208.48Kb
Type:   exe

The Koran 7.10    download_trans.gif Download

The Koran is an animated graphics software for Windows with which you can read The Koran (Holy Qur'an).
The Koran sound in mp3 sound format, on 9-22 languages,
2 dimensional animations, changing text font and text color, custom page images,
advanced printing options with print, using various system fonts, search engine,
opening and saving underlined text, jumping on specific suras, creating Qur'an HMTL pages,
Creating praying times, Hijri and Gregorian calendar.
The Koran is a beautiful software and it is FREE.

  Size:   2,697.22Kb
Type:   zip

The Noble Quran    download_trans.gif Download
The Noble Quran software was developed to allow users to easily recite and understand the Quran. The arabic in this program is unique in that it is clear, large, and easy to read. It includes a transliteration to help you read, surah introductions by Syed Abu-Ala' Maududi, and includes an excellent english translation by Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali, Ph.D. and Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan.   Size:   50 mb
Type:   exe


Accurate Times    download_trans.gif Download

This program calculates Islamic prayer times, moon times (moon rise, moon set, moon transit), Qibleh direction (Kaabah in Mecca), moon phases (geocentric or topocentric), crescent visibility for both new and old crescents, crescent visibility world map for both new and old crescents, Qiblah times (the time at which the sun or sun's shadow is at Qibla direction), Draws Qiblah World Map. It also converts between Hijric and Gregorian dates (Hijri-Miladi). The software can be used in English or Arabic languages. Add a reminder to remind you of the next salah time. Special Azan for Fajer Prayer is included. This software is officially adopted in Jordan to prepare prayer times.

AthanBasic    download_trans.gif Download

 The Athan (Azan) software plays automatic Athan five times a day at every prayer time. It covers more than six million cities, towns, and villages all over the world. It includes the Calculation Methods, Hijri-Gregorian date conversion and Qiblah direction. The Athan sounds from Makkah, Madina and Al-Aqsa are available in the software. It supports mulilingual languages including Arabic, English, and French. 

Auto Azan Player    download_trans.gif Download

Auto Azan Player as name say it all. It plays Azan (Muslim prayer call) for 5 times a day. Just set the time as in your country. It plays it automatically.   Size:   506.30Kb
Type:   zip

CyberSalat    download_trans.gif Download

CyberSalat is a multimedia program running under Windows which teaches young and new Muslims how to perform Islamic prayer. The program allows any of the daily Islamic prayers to be simulated on-screen. It is an interactive tutor which contains precise, step-by-step instructions in English.
If asked for a password use "aadam".
  Size:   2,945.52Kb
Type:   exe

How to make Ritual Ablution (Wudu)    download_trans.gif Download

Learn how to make Wudu (ablution before performing prayer) step by step with this wonderful program. It also teaches how to perform tayammum, and ghusl in their proper mannres.   Size:   998.03Kb
Type:   exe

MacQibla    download_trans.gif Download

MacQibla determines your local qibla, an Arabic word meaning the direction of Mecca. In addition, the application calculates the proper times of the five daily Islamic prayers for any date and place, and converts dates between the Western and Islamic calendar systems. Version 3.0.1 is a bug-fixing release.
Free to try; $19.95 to buy.
Evaluation notice, doesn't play adhan sounds

  Size:   1,374.91Kb
Type:   dmg

Mawaqit    download_trans.gif Download

Mawaqit is a program that computes Islamic prayer time schedules for more than 50,000 cities around the world, Mecca direction and the moon phases, eclipses and sun eclipses. Calculate Prayer Times, Salat, Qiblah for any location in the world. Also design calendars in addition to finding any Masjid in the USA. The program provides many options for controlling the calculation parameters.   Size:   5,448.35Kb
Type:   exe

PrayAlert    download_trans.gif Download

PrayAlert is a multi-function Islamic program that can calculates the prescribed five daily Islamic prayer times for almost anywhere in the world. PrayAlert is FREE, just a simple installation and you will be able to calculate the prayer times, listen to the Prayer Call (Azan) and many more features. PrayAlert Personal Edition includes: Advanced Alert Manager (Includes Azan), A Fully Customizable Islamic Calendar, A Feature Rich Analog Clock, CBSI webSync Plus.   Size:   3,558.00Kb
Type:   exe

Salaat Time    download_trans.gif Download

Salaat Time is a 100% multi-function Islamic application that calculates the prescribed five daily Muslim prayer times as well as Qiblah direction for anywhere in the world.
It rests in the system tray and at the prescribed times the Athan sounds and/or displays visual alerts.
Some other features include: being very easy to use; selecting from a variety of included Athans or using your own; setting a different Athan at each prayer or using random mode; discreet visual alerts such as balloon tips, tray flash, and Qiblah direction in a graphical format; Quran recitation of selected Suras; time until next prayer; transforming Hijri dates to Gregorian and vice-versa; daily, monthly, and yearly prayer time views; exporting/printing monthly prayer time calendars.
Version 1.1 adds Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) support for advanced users. Third-party applications can now connect to Salaat Time and use it as a prayer time server. Also added are detailed tool tips on Fardh and Sunnah Muakkadah prayers.


Al-Adab al-Mufrad byImam al-Bukhari    download_trans.gif Download

Imam al-Bukhari is world-renowned for his major work, "al Jami' al Sahih" ("Sahih al Bukhari"), but he has also produced a number of other works, including "Al-Adab al-Mufrad", here translated into English. This book is a compilation of ahadith on Islamic morals and manners from various sources.   Size:   362.27Kb
Type:   chm

Ekabakti E-HadithSoftware E-book    download_trans.gif Download

E-book software oriented for Hadith of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Offers the 6 books of hadith including Sahih Bukhari, Sahh Muslim, Sunan Abi Daud, Sunan Al-Nasaie, Sunan Al-Tarmidzi and Sunan Ibnu Majah. Supported on non Arabic enabled environment. Text presented in Arabic and the interface is in English. Text can be copied and transfered to word processor eg. Microsoft Word 2000 - 2003. Complete with diacritical marks and sanad. The software uses the hierarcical view for kitab (Subject) and bab (Topic).
Note: Internet Explorer 6 required.
Free to try, $24.99 to buy. Trial Limitation: 21 times open limit.

  Size:   11,767.56Kb
Type:   exe

Hadith-Qudsi    download_trans.gif Download

The Forty Hadith Qudsi are of enourmous theological value as they reflect meanings that Almighty God has portrayed in dreams and visions to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), they are in the Prophets words.   Size:   726.91Kb
Type:   exe

ImaanStar Hadith Software    download_trans.gif Download

This software is a collection of over 18,000 hadith from:
  • Complete Sahih Bukhari
  • Complete Sahih Muslim
  • Complete Malik's Muwatta
  • Partial Abu Dawud
It features full text search, bookmarks, and easy to use navigation. Now you can search for a topic and cross-reference between all four collections!

  Size:   7.5 mb
Type:   exe

Sahih al-Bukhari    download_trans.gifDownload

This is a fully-searchable hadith software, containing the ahadith database of Sahih al-Bukhari.   Size:   2,506.55Kb
Type:   chm

The Hadith Software    download_trans.gifDownload

This is a Hadith Software with English translated hadith (plug-in) databases all bundled together in one easy to use application.
The software is equipped with an explorer type user interface for ease of use. It has the ability to export hadiths books/chapters to a text editor (e.g. Notepad), bookmarks, advanced search engine (super fast), active marker 'highlight text' display, and allows hadiths to be sent to anyone via email and more.

  Size:   2,195.15Kb
Type:   exe

  Size:   9,982.30Kb
Type:   exe