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who discovered America

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In the name of Allah, most beneficent, most merciful


Who Discovered America? A sagacious travel!




The opportunity to write an article can be inspirational or it can be an accident. In the same manner, when I encountered with some words, I found I had to provide the title

of the article as I planned to give you in this article. First of all, this article is not an argument, but some views are presented before you from the “encountered words”. As I mentioned, the words were about the former American president and versatile genius Mr. Abraham Lincoln. As I read his wife Mary Todd Lincolns’ statement that, former Mr. President’s ancestors were assumed to be Muslims, moreover the repeated term 'Melungeons' confused me. This statement was an inspiration to study about the advent of Muslims in America.What ever evidence one provides there will be a disputation, but some of the things are unquestionable. I believe, these unquestionable facts are the solid evidences that forces one to claim so and so forth.

At the end of this article, you will find such solid evidences, that there are 565 names of places (villages, towns, cities, mountains, lakes, rivers, etc.) in USA (484) and Canada (81) which are derived from Islamic and Arabic roots.


In this article we will examine the following:


1. Who are Melungeon?

2. Dr. Farry Bell- saga America

3. Historical documents of Muslims and Columbus

4. What Columbus wrote?

5. Names of America

6. Conclusion

7. References


First, we start with the term 'Melungeon'.


Who are Melungeons?

Perhaps Nancy Hanks, the mother of Abraham Lincoln, was Melungeon. It some how seems fitting that one of America's greatest Presidents should be of mixed race and probably Muslim heritage. But who are the Melungeons?

The word 'Melungeon' probably originates from the Arabic ‘Mudajjan’ which means one that is dark, gloomy, tamed, servile, domesticated. A variation of this word ‘Mudajjal’ from which ‘Mudejar’ is derived was widely used in fourteenth century for all the Muslims in Spain who continued to live outside the remaining Muslim kingdom of Granada. The Turkish term 'Melun-can' which is pronounced identically to Melungeon means "one who has been abandoned."


Historical Documents of Muslims in America.


There are various writings and statements available regarding this subject but all of them tell us a period of 1400 CE and after. But what the history and historians have to say before1400CE.  

Let us start with a well known American:

 Dr. Barry Fell (Harvard University) introduced in his book Saga America - 1980 solid scientific evidence supporting the arrival, centuries before Columbus, of Muslims from North and West Africa. Dr. Fell discovered the existence of Muslim schools at Valley of Fire, Allan Springs, Logomarsino, Keyhole Canyon, Washoe and Hickison Summit Pass (Nevada), Mesa Verde (Colorado), Mimbres Valley (New Mexico) and Tipper Canoe (Indiana) dating back to 700-800 CE. Engraved on rocks in the old western US, he found texts, diagrams and charts representing the last surviving fragments of what was once a system of schools - at both an elementary and higher levels. The language of instruction was North African Arabic written with old Kufic Arabic script. The subjects of instruction included writing, reading, arithmetic, religion, history, geography, mathematics, astronomy and sea navigation.

The descendants of the Muslim visitors of North America are members of the present Iroquois, Algonquin, Anasazi, Hohokam and Olmec native people.

Dr. Fell also reports that in Inyo County, California, there exits an early rock carving which stated in Arabic:"Yasus ben Maria" ("Jesus, Son of Mary").

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